Trustworthy .sd domain name registrar


Our focus

What makes us your ideal partner for .sd domain name registrations?

Years of experience

We are an expert in domain name registrations since 1999. We made the more difficult extensions our speciality.

Direct connection

We talk direct to the Sudan Internet Sodan Internet Society (the .sd registry) to register your domain name. While .sd domain names can still take some time to be processed, be sure that your request won’t experience any unnecessary delay.

No restrictions

Because we are a fully independent Belgian company, we are not bound to any US trade sanctions. We are free to buy from Sudan and sell Sudanese domain names to you.

Order and manage online

Our main website ( through which you can order your .sd domain names, features a fully automated ordering and maintenance system.

About us

Specialist in international domain name registrations has been specialised in international domain name registrations since 1999. We offer our services both to resellers and corporate clients.

With a focus on being able to offer every possible domain name extension, we know the rules and the in and outs of every TLD and are able to assist you with any request you have regarding a domain name registration. This obviously also includes support for extensions that might be otherwise hard to find, like .sd.

Due to US trade sanctions, we notice that many registrars supporting corporate clients are no longer allowed to offer .sd in their portfolio. While world wide operating corporations still need to protect their brand names and trademarks under .sd. As a fully independent Belgian company, we can offer a solutions and will be able to assist you with your .sd registrations and transfers.

  • Experience

    Specialist domain name registrar since 1999

  • Corporate and reseller

    We support direct corporate clients and offer the tools needed by resellers

  • Professional team

    Being focused only on domain name registrations, means we are not distracted by other stuff.

  • Every domain name extension

    Not just .sd, but really every possible extension